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Vibration White Finger Compensation

Vibration white finger (VWF), sometimes referred to as hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), is an industrial disease affecting the hands and fingers as a result of excessive exposure to vibrating tools and equipment.

Exposure to vibration damages the blood flow to the hands and fingers resulting in:

Numbness in the fingers

A tingling sensation similar to ‘pins and needles’

Loss of grip

Discolouration in the fingers (often called blanching by medical professionals)

The symptoms are not usually permanent but tend to come and go in ‘attacks’. Such attacks are often brought on by exposure to cold and can last up to one hour or until the hands and fingers can be warmed up.

Vibration white finger (or hand arm vibration) affects different people in different ways depending upon a number of factors, including amount of vibration exposure, temperature of the working environment and any pre-existing conditions the sufferer may have, so it is important to note that not all victims of this disease experience the full range of symptoms outlined above. Mercury Legal Online may be able to help you bring a claim for VWF even if you only experience some of the symptoms of the condition; for example, you may notice attacks of numbness and tingling only but no discolouration of the fingers.

What happens with my Vibration White Finger Claim?

When we accept your vibration white finger claim we will arrange for you to see a local surgeon who specialises in the complaint in order to examine you and produce a report detailing your symptoms, the extent of the condition and how it affects you both now and in the future. The surgeon will grade your vibration white finger using two scales, the Taylor-Pelmear scale and the Stockholm scale, and we use these classifications to value your compensation award.

As with most personal injury awards we look to recover two forms of compensation for you; general damages to reflect pain and suffering and special damages, which are individually tailored to your own personal circumstances and include items such as loss of earnings, re-training costs and any out of pocket expenses. If it transpires that as a result of the white finger you are unable to use vibrating tools in the future, the loss of earnings aspect of your case can be substantial and far greater than the general damages.

How can Mercury Legal Online help?

Mercury Legal Online have a dedicated industrial disease department who have considerable experience in dealing with vibration white finger cases. All industrial disease cases, VWF included, require specialist legal representation to ensure you achieve the right outcome and obtain the compensation you deserve. Not only can we give you the expertise and assistance you need, but we will do it with no financial risk to yourself. You will not have to pay any legal costs, even if your case is unsuccessful through no fault of your own. Contact us now and see if we can help.

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